After English Activity Day

10 05 2007

coverMost students seemed to enjoy the activity day. There were booths with games (riddles and quizzes), a cinema and a karaoke room. The school hall was busy with people playing games and speaking English, making funny faces in ‘Super, Super Idol’ or tying their tongues into a twist with the tongue twister game, (can you say “red lorry, yellow lorry” fast 5 times?)After the games came the sing-a-long in the hall, everyone joined in singing and dancing. (There were some good singers too :)!But which class was the best at singing?What did you enjoy the most?Which song did you like the most?If you want to find the photos from the day just click here on photos…




28 responses

10 05 2007

I enjoyed the English Activity Day,because I could learned more English in that day.I thought My class(Class 4A)was the best at singing.I like “Bingo”most,because the song and the cartoon were so fun, so I like it most.

12 05 2007

I enjoy the English Activity Day very
much,because I can have the candy and I can play all of funny game on that day.My favourute game is”Super Idols”
I think class 4A is the best at singer. I like to sing”do re mi”best.
I hope I can have this happy day again.:)

12 05 2007

Don’t worry, we will have English Day again next year, and I am sure there will be lots to do. If you have any ideas, perhaps you can tell your English teacher what you would like to do.

14 05 2007

I enjoy the English Activity Day because I can play a lot of games a

15 05 2007

I do not enjoy the English Activity Day because I can play a lot of games on that and the games are funny. I also get a lot of candies and they are very yummy. I have not my favourite games because I think the games can better, like:” The singing songd games can be three people to take a micr phone and teh people will not afraid.” And also because I do jnot like to play these games, because I think that they are very boring and it is for baby to play. So, I do not the enjoyed the English Activity Day. i think if I can read books in the library in this one hours, I will be very happy!
I think on that day it is too many people and I can not play all the games in the hall, so I feel very unhappy. I think you must ask me why I do not enjoy the English Activity Day but I want to play all the games? Let me tell you!
It is because I think that if you have games to let me to play, why do not I play? Because all the teacher will not give me to read books and if I do not play the games, I will feel very boring than I play the games. So,I will play the games with my friends. I think our class is the best of singing because a lot of children of my class have go to the singing room-207room and I think tthat they are all brave and I do not want to sing because I am afraid of singing. I do not know which song do I like best because I do not go to the room207. I enjoy the movie best because it can get candy and i can see the film and the film is very funny.

21 05 2007

I enjoyed the Engish Activity Day because I can play more games and got a lot of candies!I felt very happy because I can got many candies.I didn’t go to Room207 to sing the songs but I can sing in the hall.I like”Bingo” because it was really funny!

I hope I can play more games next time!^^”

22 05 2007
Cookie (Miss Or)

Hi, boys and girls,

I’m so glad to hear that many of you enjoyed the English Activity Day. It’s a great chance for you to talk to your fellow schoolmates and teachers out of the classrooms.

I look forward to have more interesting activities in the coming English Activity Day. I promise there’ll be lots of fun and enjoyment waiting for you.

I hope you can use English in your dailylife. So, next time, when you meet me at school, you can chat with me in English.

Miss Or

23 05 2007
4A Surman (36)

Simon, this English Activity Day was very fun!!! That day, we played many games about English and got many candy. Some of them were easy but there was a game was very difficult. It is not “Riddle about cartoon characters”. It is not “finding pairs”. It is……”Riddle about Idols”! I didn’t know too much about the idols and I guessed of it for many time!! I hope I can win this game fast next time.
On that day, I played the games with my best friend called June. First, we played the “finding pairs” first because our English teacher would play this game with us. I think I was very lucky to play this game because I pick the pointed nose! There was the answer on the small book, so I can answer very easily.
Then, we went to play the “tongue twister”. I studied it for many time so I can read it very fast. I also got two candies there. I would like to play it best.
Next, we played the “Riddle about cartoon characters”. I didn’t like it because the cartoon character that I pick was “Batman”. It is so ugly and when I saw him, I want to go toilet.
Then, we went outside to sang karaoke. But my friend was afraid and she did not like to sang song, so we went to watch the movie first. I think this movie was boring but I can’t understood it. But I listen to this story of Chinese before.
When we finish to watch the movie, I and June wanted to play the “guessing game”. But the ring rang. So, after help the teacher put back the chair, we went to our class room together. When I get there, I took out all the candies and counted. “One, two, three, four, five……” I got six candies!
Finally, we went down to the school hall and sang song together. My favourite song was “Do Re Mi” and “Bingo”. I iump and dance with all the student together and I think ALL OF THE STUDENT SANG SONG LOVELY!!!!
I hope I can play this English Activity Day again next year. I also hope to have more time and more games to play next year!I was very happy on that day!

28 05 2007
lo pak yeung

I really enjoyed the English Activity.I like playing games,singing songs and dancingI hope I can enjoy it again.

28 05 2007

On that day,I enjoy the English Activity Day very much.Because I can play some games and I can sing song with my friends.I felt very happy. But I think the time was not enough to gave we to play.I hope we can have another activity day.

28 05 2007
Kwan Chi Lok

In English Activity Day ,I feltl very happy .Because I can learnt more thing about English .Also ,I felt very excited because there are many games to play .

28 05 2007
Cheung chin ki

In English Activity Day I was so happy. Because in English Activity Day was soo game to play.

28 05 2007
Chim Kwan Ho

I enjoy the English activity day because there have many games to play and Ican got many sweets,Ifelt very excited

28 05 2007
Chu Hoi Kit

In English Activity Day,I felt very happy and excitied because I could play very different kinds of english games and I could watched movie and sing songs there and I knew many many vocab there. So I felt very happy and excitied.

28 05 2007
Chim Kwan Ho

I enjoy the activity day because there have many games to play and Ican got many sweets,Ifelt very excited

28 05 2007

I enjoy the English Activity Day very much because we play a lot of game in that day and I also get plenty of candies .We sing song with our teacher and we play some exciting game with our teacher too like dance .It is too fun to see the teacher dance.
I hope there will have another English Activity Day in next year becaus it can give a chance to the student to learn more english!

28 05 2007
Chu Hiu Fai 6B (11)

I like this activity day because it is very happy to play it.I am very enjoy it . The games is very exciting,so I play a lot .Myfavourite games is singing beause it is fun to sing with my classmate. I seldom talk wihth the teacher with english.It’s fun!I hope the school can hold this english activity day again in this year!!!

28 05 2007
Chim Kwan Ho

I enjoy the activity day because there have many games to play and Ican got many sweets,Ifelt very excited.

28 05 2007
Cheung chin ki

In English Activity Day, I was happy. Because in English Activity Day were so many game and I should speak in English.I also watched a movie about a king like beautiful clothe.

28 05 2007
Wong Kin Yung

In the activity day, i feel very enjoy, happy and excitied in this day.Because this day is very good for our to learn engish and this day have many things to play games.My favourite play is sing a song because it is very excitied.

28 05 2007
kelvin lam(6b)(18)

I like this activity day because it is funny.I hope I can have this kind of activity day again.I am enjoy this activity day.And I can sing song.i think I am good at sing song.In that day,I saw my english tacher dancing.I felt very happy.I like to play with my classmate very much……because they are my best “brother and sister”……….^.^

28 05 2007

I am very enjoy the English Activit Day!! It is because I can collect many many candies!I like candy very much~It have karaoke but I haven’t go to sing because I have not see any 6B student to go to sing!!

I also go to see moive in the cinema. The story was very funny and intersting~

I hope Simon ,you can enjoy the English Activit Day too~~>3

28 05 2007
Chan Suet Ting

I am very enjoy the English Activity Day. Because there had many things to gave us. It can help us learned more English. But the place was small and there was very hot.
Also there had a muisic time, we song many muisic. Such as “Do Re Me” and “Bango”. When we song “Bango” we had a
some dance.
In English Activity Day, I was very happy.

28 05 2007
Yung Chun Kiu 6B (34)

I like english day very much because my favourate sudject is ENGLISH !! I can speak english all day and have fun games on that day. We all enjoy that day very much. when I leave school that day, I also speak english to her, too, ‘mum I want to have fish for dinner. ‘,I was really happy !! Also, I can skip lessons , too. but I don’t want to skip english. (Don’t tell this one to Miss Leaug).!!!!!!!!!!!! I like English !!! Very much !!! thank you !!!!

31 05 2007

All your teachers are happy to hear you had a good time. If you have any ideas for next year then please tell your teachers. Thanks a lot!

10 06 2007
Twinky Chan 5a (1)

I enjoy the English Activity Day because I played a lot of games.The games were very funny and interesting.Some of the games were easy but a few are difficult.I got a few candies on that day .There were seven candies ,they were tasty and sweet. My favourite games was karaoke ,my friend,kathy sang with me.After sang karaoke ,we watched the movie.I tought the movie was quite interesting.Finally,all the students went to the school to sang song.We dance and dance ,so I felt very funny.

27 06 2007
Kwan Tsz Ching

I very enjoy the day !I’m very happy!Some of the games were very exiting!I with Edwin Lee(My friend).We play many game:sang song,Super Super ldor……..
I felt this day i’m very happy!

18 09 2007
Tammy(Tam Wing Ki)

In After Englins Activity Day i will very happy and excited .
because have lost of Englins games give we play and study .
But I am somewhat nervous because the games is very exciting and fun .

You enjoy After Englins Activity Day ?

5B,Tam Wing Ki

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